Transformable Accessories


The Metamorphs collection brings together a range of leather or latex accessories that can transform into BDSM objects.

Some allow you to wear a leather jewelry or bag in your daily life, knowing that it has the potential to become a BDSM play item whenever you desire, whether it’s a strap-on, handcuffs, impact toy, or even a leather apron.

Others are transformative accessories that belong solely to the world of intimacy but serve multiple purposes: a fringed skirt transforms into a pair of floggers, a headband allows you to wear impact toys as bunny ears, these items are encouraging fantasy and surprise.

Sting Ring

Set composed of a bracelet and a ring with a stinging impact, the brats better behave!


This bracelet transforms into a handy pair of handcuffs in an instant!

Ears in Pointes

Create an impactful character at your kinky parties with these (stingy) pointed ears!


A range of leather bags that transform into various BDSM accessories, keeping your kinky side with you every day!


Undress to offer a delightful impact session… with your skirt!

Fucky Charm

Stay protected with this little accessory that accompanies you everywhere!