The Pudibondage brand

The concept

Pudibondage was born from a desire to create objects in beautiful materials that resonate with the individuality of each person within the rich and open BDSM (Bondage, Domination/submission, Sado-masochism) community. I wanted them to be useful, sometimes with more than one purpose, and to seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of practitioners in an effective way, fitting perfectly into their hands. I aim to create facilitators of emotions and sensations, extensions of gestures and ideas for those seeking intimacy and connection beyond the societal norms. I offer an approach that is sometimes tender, sometimes humorous, and always centered on practical usage, whether physical (safety, comfort, and maintenance are always priorities) or emotional, incorporating a refined symbolism sprinkled throughout all my designs.


We craft all our prototypes and finished products in our workshop in Rennes. We have an indoor area for leatherwork and a small semi-outdoor workshop for woodworking just outside Rennes. We value the uniqueness and quality associated with handmade production. For sensual objects, it’s important to me that the handwork shapes the item, becoming an extension of the hand that will use it.

By us

After my studies in fine arts, I wanted to launch this project, and two years later, I teamed up with Eirik. With his artisanal experience, he takes on a significant part of the production of the items, advises me on the management of Pudibondage, and we attend all events together.

In France

All the creation and production of our products are done in France, specifically in Brittany.

To minimize travel and ensure optimal material quality, the majority of our leather suppliers are French. We also source some raw materials from Italy, as they have a suede industry and metalworking capabilities that are not present in France.


Fait main

Nous réalisons tous nos prototypes et produits finis dans notre atelier à Rennes. Nous avons une zone pour le travail du cuir en intérieur, et un petit atelier pour le travail du bois en semi-extérieur un peu à l’extérieur de Rennes. Le caractère unique et la qualité liés à une production artisanale nous tiennent à cœur, pour des objets sensuels, il me semble important que le travail de la main forme l’objet qui sera la prolongation de la main qui l’utilisera.

Par nous

Après mes études aux beaux-arts, j’ai voulu lancer ce projet, et deux ans après, c’est avec Eirik que nous nous sommes lancés. De par son expérience manuelle, il se charge d’une grande part de la réalisation des objets, il me conseille sur la gestion de Pudibondage et nous allons à tous les évènements ensemble.

En France

Toute la création et la réalisation de nos produits est faite en France, et plus précisément en Bretagne.

Afin de limiter les déplacements et de garantir une qualité optimale des matériaux, la majorité de nos fournisseurs de cuir sont français, et nous avons également quelques matières premières qui viennent d’Italie car ils possèdent une industrie de la suède et des métalleries qui n’existent pas sur le territoire français.

Original designs

We offer reimagined Classic items as well as original creations, the Metamorphes. As a designer, I have been working on BDSM-related designs since 2015, always emphasizing the intimate as an equally important aspect of our lives. That’s why I admire creators who celebrate this human dimension with noble materials and meticulous designs that fully consider the user’s experience. I aim for my creations to be an extension of their work.

Adaptable and inclusive

Our clothing, harnesses, adornments, and accessories can be worn by individuals of all sizes, genders, and sexes. Many of our designs are size-adaptable to accommodate changes in the body, simplify online purchases by minimizing returns, and maintain a limited range of product sizes, reducing overstock.

We can tailor our products to the specific physical needs of each customer at no extra cost, whether it’s a size outside our current offerings, asymmetry, movement limitations, etc. We will work with you to determine what suits you best.


Durable and High-Quality

We choose the best materials with the characteristics we seek. We craft all our items one by one by hand, allowing us to control the quality of each, and we strive to improve our manufacturing processes to increase the lifespan of our objects.

We also provide after-sales service, and if you encounter an issue with one of our products, we can repair it to extend its life or replace it if a repair is not possible. We want our items to last as long as possible, so we are here to provide maintenance advice.


One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Our entirely handmade floggers can be customized and made to order so that each one precisely fits your preferences and practices. As we use living materials like wood, each handle has unique characteristics that cannot be replicated in the future. That’s why we recommend ordering a pair at once, as we will craft both handles from the same piece of wood!


They trust us!