Pointe in embossed leather


We are offering a limited series of embossed leather Pointes. While the sensations are similar to our classic Pointes, the raised patterns provide an elegant and distinctive style. This embossed leather comes from remnants of the leather industry, so we were only able to obtain very small quantities.

The “Pointes” are impact objects inspired by dragon tongues. Made of thick leather with a simple construction, their handle is formed using snap buttons. These buttons allow both hanging the objects using the loops and opening them to clean or occasionally grease for leather maintenance.

The “Pointes” provide a stingy impact similar to a whip at the tip, but less intense and easier to handle. They also allow for a paddle-like sensation by using a larger impact surface.

Thanks to their leather loops, they can be stored vertically on a hanger, for discreet and convenient storage.